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Caffeine or theine, what’s the difference?

Caffeine or theine, what’s the difference?

Caffeine and theine are known for their exciting effects. However the exciting effects of tea are different from those of the coffee.


The coffee excites, the tea stimulates…

The oxidized polyphenols which are contained in the tea give the theine its effect. That means that theine is spread in the blood during 6or 8 hours with in a continuous way.


The caffeine, is spread very quickly producing a peak of intensity which will fall down within 2 or 3 hours. That’s why it is said that tea stimulates and doesn’t excite.


The eternal question about which are the teas that excite most is always debated. However we know that Japan teas contain vitamin C, which makes them more stimulating than China or India tea.


What about teas without theine?

L’Autre Thé has decided not to propose tea without theine because of the chemical components used to remove the theine from the tea.


However it exists a natural method to remove theine from the tea: throw away the water from a first teapot after a small brewing time of one minute. Theine is spread at the second it is in contact with hot water. The aromas will be less strong than with a first brewing but your tea will be nonetheless more tasty than a tea from which the theine has been removed chemically !


And for people who don’t tolerate theine, there are still herbal teas and red teas (or rooïbos)