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From the bush to the cup: the tea gathering

From the bush to the cup: the tea gathering

The gatherer :

Nowadays the tea is still handily picked in most of the tea producing countries except in Japan and in Georgia where it is done mechanically. Most of the time, women are those who gather the precious leaves.

The gathering occurs several times in the year, up to 4 times depending on the areas. The gathering is done in round from 4 to14 days, time for the tea plant to regenerate.

Parts of the tea plant which are gathered.

The younger leaves are light green. They are the richer in substances (theine, tannin…) They also are the ones which make the most tasty and the most delicate beverage.

 At the ending of the branches one can find a bud covered with a white downy, the pekoe which means in Chinese “white downy” which is the young shoot rolled around itself. This bud is particularly looked for.

 The more you go down the branch, the more the leaves are large and the less tasty the tea will be.