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Reciped based on tea

Reciped based on tea

Earl Grey Supérieur and Matcha Tiramisu

Ingredients for 6 :

250 g of mascarpone

40 g  caster sugar

A teaspoon of Earl Grey

4 boudoirs biscuits or similar

1 pinch of Matcha tea


Recipe :

Boil water up to 90°C, put the tea inside it, while removing the water from the fire,  and let it brew during 15min in a covered pan. Break the eggs and separate egg yolks and egg whites. In a salad bowl, whip egg yolks with the sugar, add mascarpone and whip again. Whisk egg whites to form stiff peaks and incorporate the mascarpone mixture. Mix up with a spatula.

Immerge the biscuits in the tea and spread them at the bottom of 6 ramequins. Spread evenly the cream over the biscuits.

Chill for an hour in the fridge. When serving, sprinkle a pinch of Matcha tea over your tiramisu. Enjoy!!!!


Gambas au thé vert

Ingredients :

A tablespoon of green tea leaves

225 ml of boiling water

A tablespoon of sesame oil

500 g of fresh gambas

A tablespoon of Xérès

A teaspoon of curry



Put the tea leaves in a measuring glass which is heat resistant and pour the boiling water inside it. Let it brew during 15min.

In a pan, warm up the sesame oil until it becomes very hot.

Add the gambas, curry, Xérès and let it cook over a high heat while you keep on stirring.

Add the tea and about half of the tea leaves and let it cook again during 1 min

With a skimmer, remove the gambas from the pan and spread them on a service hot plate.

Lessen the high heat until you get 150ml

Spread it over the gambas through a strainer and serve it. Enjoy!!!