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Story of Tea : Tea origin

Story of Tea : Tea origin

The tea story begins in China 5000 years ago.

According to the legend, it is by mere chance that the Emperor Sheng Nong, who was used to make his water boil to purify it, discover the tea…

Indeed, this precise day, he boiled his water under a bush and fell asleep. While he was asleep, some leaves from the bush fell in the water.

When he woke, the emperor found this drink delicious and decided to develop gardens of this bush, the tea plant.

He influenced his subjects so that the tea became their favourite drink …and he succeeded!

Its popularity has spread beyond the Chinese frontiers and has become the second drink most drunk in the world after water!

About 1200 billions tea cups are drunk each year, or about 36000 tea cups each second!

Discover how tea has been spread in Europe.