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Sustainable development and social responsability

L’Autre Thé’s positive economy

It is only when one looks back that they can appreciate whay they have accomplished. The life of a small company is not without impacts and numerous unforeseen developments, even more so in the complex global system we are evolving in.   However, the globalisation of resources is not opposed to the singularity of actions - it is possible to think in a global way and to act locally. That is why we wish to share furthermore our thoughts, values and sensitivity which drive our decisions and actions from the very beginning..

What is L’Autre Thé ?

Since it was created, L’Autre Thé company has always been keen on partaking of positive economy, by being a responsible trading actor. Indeed, the cofounders have created and perpetuate a solid company where ethics, collective values and economical efficiency meet..

1.     It is fresh and natural !

We select the raw material (tea, accessories as well as services) from wholesalers or suppliers who share our deepest values (we meet them on site, visite their production units, and we travel to the producers’ countries). We exclusively use natural flavours. We also systematically verify the organic certifications and Iso standards when the latters are available. Finally, all of the orders (internet, BtoB) are prepared when they are ordered and are never pre-packed, in order to guarantee high quality control and ideal freshness, so that tasting is worth the quality of product.


2.     It does the planet some good 

We systematically re-use or recycle all of our suppliers cardboard boxes and packagings.

We use very special adhesive tape ( derived from recycling, vegetal glue) to pack our postal packets. The paper bags in our shops and counters are recycled, reusable (PFC and water-based ink) and free.

Whenever possible, we resort to a cycle courier to deliver orders within Paris and

to Colissimo Exports for our European and French orders. Colissimo Exports is comitted to an eco-friendy bill of specifications (electric cars, paper consumption limitation, etc.).

Managers and employees travel by bus, Velib and Autolib as much as possible.

No catalogues are printed, and no point-of sale advertising plastic is used : everything is now  dealt with through the internet.


3. Organic, not dogmatic

We think that the biolabel should not be almighty.  Numerous producers consciously grow their productions and are eco-friendly. We hence have made the decision to avoid all kinds of dogmatism and to not sell exclusively organic products. Too bad for fashion !

We also said no to crazy and intensive self-promotion here, there and everywhere. We prefer to communicate solely for informational purposes (through newsletters for instance), and whenever possible by sharing useful knowledge that can benefit to all (facebook). Finally, we choose to enhance quality control, security, working conditions ; we prefer dedicating ourselves to the consolidation of our company and to the imbodiment of our values and principles rather than investing in marketing campaigns.


4. We stand for social and cohesive cooperation

Recruitment : more than anything else,  our foremost concern is human value. We are, if anything else, keen on meeting people.  We hire people in a reciprocity manner : we work with men and women who will meet our interests, but to whom we will also be useful, beyond the Financial aspect ( All work has its merits !)

We are then entirely inclined to hire low or unqualified profiles. We finance and take the time to train our employees, and pay them very decently from the very beginning ( their salary is 20 % higher than the national average salary for an équivalent position). Therefore, we do not exclude those who « theoretically » have difficulties but who are endowed with sheer desire and intention to learn and improve.

  • We are eager to give our employees the desire to be part of our company by sharing responsabilities with from a very early stage : we are concerned about mutual trust.
  • We believe in everone’s capacity and will to learn, continuously improve and strive to do better.
  • Building a mixed and united team, taht is happy to work together (yes, happiness at work does matter!).


5. A quality-focused management

Far from trying to pretend to be charitable organization, it is important to us to mention that we are barely driven by monetary targets. The latters are nearly absent from our releases sent to our coworkers. This simply illustrates our one true requirement : customer satisfaction. We are convinced that it provides the main guarantee of a sustainable profitability, which is due, on the one hand, to secure the jobs created, and on the other hand, to offer an admittedly slower but more secure growth : 

  • Quality of welcome (respect, savoir-vivre are the first principles)
  • accurate ability to listen ; personal, relevent and adapted suggestions
  • Irreproachable help and assistance (after-sale service in our shops, on the web and BtoB)
  • Selling to and gaining the loyalty of the customer is never forced.


6. Participative management

We consider that the strength and sustainibility of a company resides in the gathering of the individuals working together as a whole (positions, functions, personalities, sensitivities, ideas) and in the synergy of their vivid competences . From the very beginning, we have set up free (unforced) meetings, where leaders and coworkers can enjoy a friendly moment, out of their working frame, in order to share reflections about themselves and others, experiences and ideas. Be it for the promotion of the products, their selection, selling, but also for the customer reception and the improvement of the working conditions, all of the actors of the company are involved in the choices made, following a participative and listening spirit.

L’Autre Thé defines itself through a multitude of small things, which try and thrive to produce …. good things.

Benjamin & Arnaud