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Tea properties : tea properties for the health

A tea cup is a complex blend of more than 5 active substances.

Besides the differences due to the tea nature, its brewing time, the water nature and temperature really affect the drink composition.


The tea properties are known since the XIXth century thanks to its components study such as theine, tannin and water.

The tea has a lot of vitamins (A, B1, B2,C, E, K,P and PP); it contains calcium, potassium, copper, zinc and Fluor that contributes to a balanced body well-protected.


Green tea has antioxidant properties known to help the good functioning of the body and help it to preserve its youth. It also has diuretic properties much more efficient than a glass of water to eliminate toxins.


Studies based on the good effect of each of its components give to tea varied properties:

-it is supposed to keep the nervous system in good state,

-it is supposed to prevent from cancer

-it is supposed to slow down the aging

-it is said to help draining system

- it is said to prevent people from having caries

- it is said to make the blood more fluid

- it is said to control hypertension …

However,, the beneficent effect of a regular consummation of tea has not be proved yet efficiently. Nevertheless the tea is still an essential element of Chinese herbal medicine, of a more preventive nature than meant to cure.


Without any calories or sodium, the tea is recommended for diet without salt.