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The tea preparation

The tea preparation

How to prepare a good tea ?

Respect the right brewing time and the right temperature for each tea:

Type of tea                                Brewing Time                                      required temperature

Japan green teas                              1 to 3 min                                              50°C to 80°C

China green teas                              up to 3 min                                            70°C to 80°C

Oolong teas                                      3 to 5 min                                              80°C

Black teas                                         4 to 5 min                                             70°C

White teas                                         7 to 20min                                            70°C to 80°C



A good water is very important to prepare a good tea

Use spring water or if you can’t filter tap water .

Don’t let the water boil because it makes the oxygen evaporate and the tea might lose its taste.


Chose a good tea and protect it

The tea strength doesn’t depend on the brewing time but on the tea quality.

Put the tea in a dry cool place, protected from light and in an airtight packaging.


Don’t use cleaning products

Rinse your teapot with boiling water.