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L'Autre Thé

The Birth of L’Autre Thé


La Maison Dhénin is a young french tea company that was cofounded in 2007 by Arnaud Dhénin and Benjamin Dubois.

In the early years 2000, Arnaud, a good wine connoisseur, travels to Asia where he discovers the subtelty of Asian tea. Back to France, he is quite surprised that the country of fine gastronomy is not really used to drinking tea.

Traditional tea companies seem to aim at handpicked customers whom he doesn’t identify with. He then decides to go into partnership with a friend to create L’Autre Thé. They intend to democratize tea in France thanks to a high-quality and original range of tea, and to a more simple approach to it.


A fine teahouse that is well known for the quality of its menu

Since then, L'Autre Thé has built up a quality suppliers network and created almost a hundred of different teas. As a well-aware tea expert, Arnaud Dhénin regularly travels to the tea plantations to audit the producers and check on the producers living conditions. Ethics and quality are his motto, as he is always seeking for more organic and fair trade teas.

L'Autre Thé stands out thanks to its know-how as far as flavoured teas are concerned, and also to the creation of subtle blended teas. All of the flavours are natural, on a market where artificial flavours prevail.

It is now well known throughout the business for the fine quality of its selection and for the originality of its recipies. The parisian rue Mouffefard shop has been recognized by tea coinnoisseur Gilles Brochard as being among the 12 most attractive parisian tea counters in the French magazine Figaroscope.


No snobbery : diversity and pleasure above all

L'Autre Thé is keen on being a teahouse open to everyone, from fine coinnoisseurs to young amateurs. In our teahouses and counters, you may take your time to smell different teas before making your choice, or read a book from the shelf while quietly enjoying your cup of tea.

The menu displays numerous tea pleasures, from the classical black Earl Grey to the Genmaïcha Japanese green tea, or rooïbos and fruity herbal tea.