Monthly kit: June 2023

This month: Latest releases

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Monthly kit: June 2023

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Find each month a selection of references in discovery format! Did you miss the arrival of our latest creations? This month, we catch up with the latest releases in the categories "scented tea" and "infusion".

This kit contains :

- 10g of organic "Earl Grey Lavender": an elegant Indian black tea that blends the bergamot of Earl Grey with the floral of lavender, all punctuated with a hint of lemon.

- 10g of organic "Soleil Rose": a cheerful and colorful green tea with sunny notes of vanilla, strawberry and grapefruit.

- 10g of organic "Sobacha Breton": an infusion of roasted buckwheat seeds, for a warm cup with cereal notes.

- 10g of organic "William and Charlotte": a high quality oolong tea delicately scented with melting pear and cocoa. The perfect companion for all your snacks!

Temperature of Infusion

80°C for green tea, 90°C for oolong and black tea, 95°C for Sobacha

Infusion time

3 min. for green tea, 4' for oolong and black teas, 7' for Sobacha


2g/20cl for all except Sobacha (4g/20cl)

Time of the day

All day long

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