Monthly kit: August 2023

This month: Iced herbal teas

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Monthly kit: August 2023

This month: Iced herbal teas - En stock

Bon en thé glacé

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Each month, we present a selection of products in discovery format! This month, we discover the world of caffeine- and sugar-free infusions, to be enjoyed iced for a boost of fruit and freshness!

This kit contains :

- 10g of organic "La Cigale": an ultra-refreshing herbal tea with eucalyptus, sage, licorice and elderberry. A welcome breath of fresh air in August!

- 10g of organic "Kalahari": a best-selling rooibos whose woody aroma blends perfectly with blood orange and lemon.

- 10g of organic "Passion Orange": a fruit water with hibiscus, orange peel, mango and passion fruit: all the deliciousness of exotic fruits!

- 10g of organic "Cœur Grenadine": one of children's favorite fruit waters, with a taste reminiscent of grenadine and red berries. A must-have all year round, especially in summer!


Pour 10g into a liter of water at room temperature and leave to infuse for at least an hour, or overnight in the fridge.

Temperature of Infusion

Room temperature

Infusion time

At least one hour


10g for 1 liter

Theine content

Theine free

Time of the day

All day long

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