"Dear clients,

What would be L'Autre Thé without its loyal customers? Thanks to you, our tea house has been able to develop and propose an uninhibited and hedonistic way of drinking quality teas in France.

Your loyalty rewards my work of research and selection of the best teas and the most subtle scents. To thank you, you who are also one of my best vectors of communication by word of mouth, I set up an electronic loyalty card and a sponsorship system that will allow you to make some savings on your orders.

You will also receive in each of your orders 2 sachets of 10 g of seasonal teas and infusions.

Thank you all again for your trust!"

Arnaud Dhénin, co-foundeur

Loyalty offer: € 1 credited for every € 20 purchase (excl. shipping costs)

This amount will automatically be credited to your L'Autre Thé customer account at every purchase of 20 € and will be deducted from your next order.

Sponsorship offer: 5 € credited if your referral makes 30 € of purchase (excl. shipping costs)

To sponsor a friend, it's simple, just sign in to your account and fill in the email address of your (or your) godchild (s) in the Referral section of your account.

Your referral will automatically receive an e-mail from you indicating the referral request. (If he does not receive it, check that the message has not arrived in his Spam box).

When he creates his account with the same email and places an order over € 30, your account will automatically be credited with € 5.

Note: the sponsorship is not valid if your godson has the same address as you!