Choosing L'Autre Thé is a commitment to responsible consumption that is more respectful of the environment, nature and the Other..

For us, the "Other" is essential

Our will is to change (a bit) the rules of the game. To begin with our relationship to each other. This "Other" is the small growers and producers who supply us with our magnificent teas of origin; our team and partners with whom we create the exclusive recipes of our scented beverages; and of course our customers!

Ethical and natural teas

We favor teas and ingredients mainly from organic farming and fair trade, and select the best teas from conventional agriculture. We also work closely with small producers who use traditional methods, do not use chemicals, but can not afford to be labeled organic. The raw materials we use come from suppliers involved in a positive economy.

L'Autre Thé is controlled and certified annually by Bureau Veritas (FR-BIO-10).

In order to fully respect the taste of tea and the flavors of nature, we have also made the choice to create our scented teas based on natural flavors.

Preserve nature to the end of packaging!

Respecting the environment goes beyond giving priority to organic teas. It is important for us to commit ourselves to the whole process. Eco-responsible and of an optimal quality, our packagings preserve the teas without altering their taste. Essentially manufactured in France, they use materials derived from renewable and biodegradable resources.

Eco packagings