Lotus Royal - Organic

Organic and fair trade green tea


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Lotus Royal - Organic

Organic and fair trade green tea lotus - Vietnam - En stock



Green tea * from Vietnam. * From organic farming.


Attention Rarity! Arnaud Dhenin has unearthed a micro-lot of 1 kg of exceptional wild green cethe perfumed with lotus. This artisanal wonder is crafted in Ha Nam, north of Hanoi, by tea master Thanh, the second generation of lotus tea makers.

The leaves come from a fine gathering of wild mountain tea trees, harvested by Dzao ethnic groups, gathered in the Ban Lien cooperative where about 200 families work. This tea is precious because the lotus flower is very rare. The method to perfume is very long and requires great expertise. The lotus season is very short, it lasts just 5 weeks in summer. It takes 1000 flowers, from which one draws the white stamens (pockets of perfume) to perfume a kilo of tea! The lotus flowers are picked only before dawn, because the flowers at this time can keep all their scent.

In Vietnam, this tea was intended for the royal family at the time of the dynasties. And now, this tea is served for special occasions, at ceremonies or as a sign of respect and thanksgiving.

A fresh vegetable cup, sweet almond and sandalwood. A purely exceptional tea!

Certified Organic Product by Bureau Veritas FR-BIO-10

Temperature of Infusion


Infusion time

3 minutes



Theine content


Time of the day

All day long

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