The positive economy of L'Autre Thé

It is often when one turns around that one realizes the road traveled. The life of a small business is not devoid of shocks and upsets as unpredictable as varied, let alone the complex and globalized system of today. But the globalization of resources does not oppose the singularity of actions (thinking global and local action is possible!) And that is why we wanted to say more about our way of thinking, our values, our sensitivity, who animate from the beginning how we decide and act.

What is L'Autre Thé?

Since its creation, the company L'Autre Thé has sought to participate fully in the positive economy by being an actor / promoter of a responsible trade. Indeed, its founders have created and are still working today to consolidate a company combining ethics, collective values and economic efficiency.

It's fresh and natural!

We select the raw material (tea but also accessories, services) from wholesalers or suppliers who share our deep values (on-site meetings, visits to production units, trips to producing countries) and focus exclusively on the use of products. 'Natural aromas. In addition, we carry out a systematic verification of certifications for organic and Iso standards with our suppliers when they are available. Finally all orders (internet, BtoB) are prepared to order, no pre-packaging, to ensure optimal quality control and ideal freshness, pledge of quality tasting at the height of the product.

It's good for the planet

We systematically reuse or recycle cartons and packaging from our suppliers,

We use a special scotch (from recycling, vegetable glue) for packaging our packages,

The paper bag L'Autre Thé proposed in shop and counters is recycled, free for our customers and reusable (PFC + ink with water),

We use the services, as soon as possible, of a Courier by bike for our deliveries in Paris intramuros, and that of Colissimo Expert for our deliveries in France and in Europe, engaged in a specification respectful of the environment ( electric vehicles, limitation of paper consumption, etc.),

Using the Bus, Velib and Autolib by management and staff in their daily movements,

No print catalog paper or plastic POS that is not reusable, almost everything goes on the internet.

It's neither sectarian nor totalitarian!

The organic label is not, for us, all powerful. Many producers cultivate their production in a reasoned way and in respect of their environment. We decided not to exclusively offer organic to avoid dogmatism. Too bad for fashion!

We also said no to the madness of self-promotion in all directions, giving priority to news releases (newsletter), sharing as soon as possible useful knowledge for all (facebook) and finally prioritizing budgets related investment (quality, safety, working conditions, consolidation of the company) and the realization of our values / principles rather than the all-powerful one of communication.

It's solidarity and social!

Recruitment: Our primary motivation is undoubtedly the human value. We love meetings above all and hire people in a concern for reciprocity, that is men and women who will be useful of course, but also to whom we can be useful, apart from the financial aspect ( because of course all work deserves pay!). It is then quite possible to apprehend profiles with little or no education, because we take the time and the burden of training while offering a decent salary from the very beginning (salary at the hiring 20% at above the national average for an equivalent position), so we do not exclude those who have "in theory" some difficulties but who show a good motivation and a real desire to learn, with the intention from:

Giving taste and envy by offering responsibilities early, guaranteeing mutual trust

Believe in everyone's ability to learn, to improve, to surpass oneself even

Build a mixed team, united and happy to work together (yes happiness at work is important too!)

Management oriented towards quality

Far from wanting to pretend to be a charity, it seems important to mention that the virtual absence of quantified objectives (apart from the various profitability thresholds, mechanical guarantee of the durability of a commercial enterprise) communicated to our employees, is the simple illustration of our only true requirement: Customer Satisfaction. Persuaded that this is the main guarantee of a sustainable profitability allowing the securing of created jobs, and offering a slower but more secure evolution:

Quality service, (respect, savoir-vivre are the first principles)

Listening and personalized advice relevant / adapted,

Customer service irreproachable and human (sav shops, web, BtoB),

Sale and loyalty never forced

Participatory management

It is because we consider that the strength of a company resides above all in the whole of the individuals in presence (function, character, sensitivity, ideas) and in the synergy of the forces that they represent, that we have from the At the beginning, we set up "meetings" (non-forced) where managers and colleagues meet in a convivial moment, in order to change the setting, to discuss oneself and others, share their experiences and exchange ideas. Thus the majority of the choices made within the company concerning the development of the products, their selection, their sale but also in the reception of the customer or the improvement of the working conditions, are in a spirit of participation and listening to all the players in the company.

L'Autre Thé is a multitude of little things that try to do good ...