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  • 10 questions about Lapsang Souchong smoked tea
    10 questions about Lapsang Souchong smoked tea

    The Lapsang Souchong tea arouses a lot of questions: what is a true smoked tea? Is it dangerous to drink it? How is it made? If you want to know everything about this mysterious smoked tea, read what follows!

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  • Theine and Caffeine: What’s the difference?
    Theine and Caffeine: What’s the difference?

    Is there caffeine in tea? Caffeine and theine are known for their stimulating effects. Truth is they’re the same molecule, however, the effects of tea are significantly different from those of coffee. Will tea prevent you from sleeping? Which teas have the highest concentration of theine? Can we de-theinize our tea? Let's dive into the interesting world of caffeine and theine!

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  • VIETNAM: Colourful encounters
    VIETNAM: Colourful encounters

    Second stage of my adventures in Northern Vietnam: I chose to set the tea aside for a little while, the time to share a special moment with the children of Nam Hong primary school. I met them within the framework of a project dedicated to bring arts to children in remote areas, and I am very committed to make this project durable.

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  • VIETNAM: fairies and dragons
    VIETNAM: fairies and dragons

    Before I go further into my matcha adventures in Japan, let's make the most of the recent good news we have just received: two of our Vietnamese teas have just been awarded! The perfect occasion to tell you the story behind these rare and very special teas, that grows wildly high in the mountain in a truly magical soil.

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  • JAPAN: in the land of matcha - 1/3
    JAPAN: in the land of matcha - 1/3

    I am always thrilled to go back to Japan. This country keeps fascinating me over and over: everything there amazes my eyes of western traveller.

    I went back this time to visit matcha producers. Maybe you guessed it right when reading the first post of this blog! Matcha is a bright green tea powder, and is so representative of the strong link between contemporary Japan and tea customs and traditions that I decided to take some time to share what makes it so...

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  • Let’s hit the road!
    Let’s hit the road!

    New website, new colours… new blog! A few months ago, L’Autre Thé celebrated its 10th birthday. It was the right time for changes, and we wanted an image more in line with our identity. Opening a blog was running through my mind for a while now: there are so many things I wanted to share about our teas! Read More

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