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  • Darjeeling : aux sources du « champagne du thé »
    Darjeeling : aux sources du « champagne du thé »

    L’Inde tient pour moi une place toute particulière parmi les pays de thé : c’est la destination que j’ai choisie pour mon tout premier voyage spécifiquement lié à l’univers du thé, en avril 2009, quelques mois après avoir ouvert le premier comptoir L’Autre Thé. Si j’y suis retourné depuis, ce voyage à la découverte d’une nature luxuriante et d’un pays emprunt de spiritualité est toujours cher à ma mémoire. À l’occasion de l’arrivée des Darjeeling primeurs de printemps cette année (et à...

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  • Incredible dragon wings...
    Incredible dragon wings...

    Rare, wild, one of a kind... Vietnam teas offer true treasures, as this brand new 2020 first flush tea testifies: let us introduce to you a wild plain green tea with amazing flavours.

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  • VIETNAM: flavouring jasmine tea with the "enfleurage" technique
    VIETNAM: flavouring jasmine tea with the "enfleurage" technique

    I am just back from Vietnam and wish to share with you what makes our organic "Jasmin Impérial" tea, grown and produced in this country, distinctive and delightful. It is flavoured with a handmade traditional technique not very well known in Europe and called "enfleurage". I went on-site to unveil all the secrets of this delicate flavouring technique. Ready to join me in the jasmine land?

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  • VIETNAM: Colourful encounters
    VIETNAM: Colourful encounters

    Second stage of my adventures in Northern Vietnam: I chose to set the tea aside for a little while, the time to share a special moment with the children of Nam Hong primary school. I met them within the framework of a project dedicated to bring arts to children in remote areas, and I am very committed to make this project durable.

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  • VIETNAM: fairies and dragons
    VIETNAM: fairies and dragons

    Before I go further into my matcha adventures in Japan, let's make the most of the recent good news we have just received: two of our Vietnamese teas have just been awarded! The perfect occasion to tell you the story behind these rare and very special teas, that grows wildly high in the mountain in a truly magical soil.

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  • JAPAN: in the land of matcha - 1/3
    JAPAN: in the land of matcha - 1/3

    I am always thrilled to go back to Japan. This country keeps fascinating me over and over: everything there amazes my eyes of western traveller.

    I went back this time to visit matcha producers. Maybe you guessed it right when reading the first post of this blog! Matcha is a bright green tea powder, and is so representative of the strong link between contemporary Japan and tea customs and traditions that I decided to take some time to share what makes it so...

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