Gift box: 2 rare teas - DIY

Create your own gift box with 13 rare plain teas (i.e. 92 combinations!)

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Gift box: 2 rare teas - DIY

Create your own gift box with 13 rare plain teas (i.e. 92 combinations!) - En stock

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To compose this gift box of 2 tea tins, choose among 13 rare teas:  


- Ecailles de dragon: wild tea buds from North Vietnam, AVPA 2019 gold medal. Fruity notes and silky texture.

- Nan Mei: downy buds from Yunnan (China). AVPA Gold Medal 2018. Long in the mouth, beautiful fruity bouquet evoking citrus and exotic fruits.

- Bua Li Lam: wild white tea buds from Laos, wok-roasted. Notes of leather and complex profile.

- Dragon Pearls Organic: hand-rolled Chinese highland white tea, scented by enfleurage with jasmine flowers.


- Ailes de Dragon: green tea from Vietnam produced with the leaves of the tea bushes that give our "Ecailles de dragon" (see above). Wild and fruity, singular.

- Sencha Yabukita 2023 first flush organic: elegant spring harvest with fresh, lively and slightly iodized notes. A great Japanese classic.

- Duyun Maojian 2023 first flush: green tea from China, with fine flavors of cooked vegetables reminiscent of artichokes and broad beans, and full, delicately roasted notes.


- Dong Ding: vegetal and slightly woody, this oolong from Taiwan offers greedy and honeyed notes.

- Alishan: oolong harvested in altitude and slightly oxidized with opulent floral and delicately buttery notes.

- Ruby oolong organic: very oxidized, this oolong from Thailand offers notes of stewed and caramelized fruits.


- Noir des Fées: black tea harvested from ancient wild tea plants in northern Vietnam. AVPA Bronze Medal 2019. Sweet cocoa notes and fruity gourmet pole.

- Jin Jun Mei: a tea rich in golden buds, harvested at altitude in the mythical Wuyi region. Round, honeyed and fruity, it was awarded the AVPA 2021 gourmet medal.

- Japan Lapsang: Japanese black tea smoked with wood from whisky barrels. Smoky, malty and peaty notes. For the tasting !

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