Dragon wings

Wild Vietnamien Green Tea

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Dragon wings

Wild Vietnamien Green Tea - Vietnam - En stock

Récolte Primeur 2020



This great green tea vintage Dragon Wings is distinguished from other teas by its unique origin. It is therefore harvested on the same wild tea plants as the Dragon Scales, named "Duoi Rong", a rare variety that comes from the natural crossing of Camellia Sinensis and fruit trees in the forest of northern Vietnam, and that gives these incredible fruity notes.

Traditionally, the ethnic groups living there only pick the buds of this original tea to produce white tea Dragon Scales. But this spring 2020, during the visit of the production region, Vân and Arnaud proposed to Mr. Mṛnh to try to create an inimitable green tea, unique in its kind by using the leaves. Thus was born the green tea Dragon Wings!


Vietmanien green tea

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Infusion time

2 - 3 minutes



Time of the day

All day long