Dragon Tails 2019

White tea from Vietnam
Flowery and fruity

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Dragon Tails 2019

White tea from Vietnam Flowery and fruity - Vietnam - En stock

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This Tea has just been awarded the Gold Medal of White Tea at the international AVPA tea competition 2019 This Vietnamese white tea is exceptional and exclusive.

Consisting solely of buds from century-old tea trees in northern Vietnam, this tea is 100% organic by nature. It is hand-harvested by the Zdao ethnic group at an altitude of between 2000m and 2500m.  It is then spread on the ground to let it dry naturally in the sun, and slightly roasted.

This white Vietnam tea gives a light yellow infusion, fruity notes of lychee, apple, rose, blackcurrant leaf, its texture is silky and it is of a rare sweetness and elegance. Slightly sweet, no astringency. A wonder. 

It is a tea tree still little known in the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam, it is rich in antioxidants and minerals thanks to the high quality of the first spring buds, and especially thanks to the anthocyanin, a natural pigment that gives its color purple / purple buds.

 A unique fragrance, a subtle and complex taste that varies depending on the infusions. It can be infused up to 5 times

Temperature of Infusion


Infusion time

3 minutes



Time of the day

All day long

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