Monthly kit: January 2024

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Monthly kit: January 2024

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Every month, you'll find a selection of references in discovery format! This month, we help you find the energy to start the year on the right foot with a helping hand from plants! On the program: 3 teas and 1 herbal tea, all certified organic.

This kit contains :

- 10g of "Bio Détox": a blend of white and green teas combined with a cocktail of depurative plants (nettle, horsetail, lemongrass) and flavored with lemon. A sure value!

- 10g of organic "Matcha Sencha": a combination of Sencha green tea leaves and Matcha green tea powder, for easy access to the energizing properties of Matcha, simply brewed like any other tea. Perfect for a great start to the day!

- 10g of organic "Green Détox": an infusion of green rooibos with a taste of blackcurrant and lemon, combined with a cocktail of draining and beneficial plants (birch, meadowsweet, nettle, dandelion...).

- 10g of organic "Pu-Erh": a Chinese fermented tea with a comforting taste, known for its numerous virtues, notably for balancing intestinal flora and managing cholesterol.


Each sachet brews approximately 1 liter of water

Temperature of Infusion

75°C for Matcha Sencha, 80°C for Bio Détox, 90°C for rooibos, 95°C for Pu Erh.

Infusion time

3 min for green teas, 5 min for dark tea and rooibos


3 g / 30 cl

Time of the day

All day long

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