Monthly kit: February 2024

The best of plants

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Monthly kit: February 2024

The best of plants - En stock

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Every month, you'll find a selection of products in discovery format. This month, a 100% organic herbal tea kit with no added flavorings, for those who want a change from tea and appreciate the refined and varied flavors of plants! In this kit, no natural flavors or essential oils, just the real taste of high-quality plants with multiple benefits: 3 of these recipes have won awards from a jury of independent experts.

This kit contains :

- 10g of organic "L'Élégante": a delicious floral blend awarded a medal at Épicures de l'épicerie fine, where Damask rose is enhanced by raspberry and blackcurrant leaves in a bewitching cocktail with a light peppery note.

- 10g of organic "Pure Camomile": it took us some time to source the perfect variety of camomile, one that offers sun-drenched notes reminiscent of mimosa and pineapple. Gold medal at the AVPA competition!

- 10g of organic "Thym Citron": here too, Arnaud Dhénin has selected a unique variety of thyme with a naturally lemony taste that won over the AVPA experts. A plant that comforts and warms in the event of a cold snap.

- 10g of organic "La Cigale": a cocktail reminiscent of the scents of the garrigue, with eucalyptus and sage in majesty, enhanced by a hint of licorice, star anise and elderberry for sweetness.


Each sachet brews approximately 1 liter of water

Temperature of Infusion

80°C for L'Elégante, 90°C for others

Infusion time

4' for L'Elégante and La Cigale, 5' for Thym Citron and Pure Camomille


3 g / 30 cl

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