Mini Shu Bing Dao cake 2018

Fermented dark tea
Mini cake 8g

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Mini Shu Bing Dao cake 2018

Fermented dark tea Mini cake 8g - Chine - En stock

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This cooked dark tea is very mild, its typical flavor reminiscent of beet and damp earth. A sweet, gourmet pole is reminiscent of ripe fruit and caramel, with malty and mineral notes as well. An easy introduction to fermented cooked teas.

Origin: China, Yunnan, Bingdao region

Altitude: 1325 m.

Cultivar: Da Ye Zhong

Harvest: spring 2018 (this tea improves with age)

Format: "dragon balls" approx. 8g

Multiple infusions: yes (recommended, as aromas evolve with each infusion) at least 4 or 5 times

How to use: depending on the infusion method chosen (Western or Chinese) and the quantity of tea desired, a whole mini-cup can be used as it is in a teapot. Watch Arnaud Dhenin's video tutorials on dark and Pu Erh teason our YouTube channel and read all about this tea on his blog.


Dark Shu tea from China


Chinese-style multiple infusions: 8g/30cl, rinse, then 95°C, 30 sec.

Temperature of Infusion

Infusion time

3 minutes


3 g / 30 cl

Theine content


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